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#WCWinSTEM: YOU!! Yes, You!

#WCWinSTEM: YOU!! Yes, You!


This week’s #WCWinSTEM goes out to all of you, our amazing #VSFamily!

By Chrystelle Vilfranc

Today’s #VanguardSTEM #WCWinSTEM goes out to all of our lovely supporters. This is our last #WCWinSTEM for the year and it seemed fitting to acknowledge you all. You all have made the #WCWinSTEM campaign a big deal. You have nominated the most amazing group of women! You may have been featured yourself this year! This campaign truly showed that #WOCinSTEM are important: we are doing amazing things and the world should know it!

We have had so many fantastic honorees from various backgrounds: neurobiologists, writers, engineers (and engineers in training), physicists, astrophysicists, physicians, chemists, microbiologists, immunologists, YOU NAME IT!

Although we may be few and far in between in our immediate STEM spaces, we are truly not alone! The purpose of this campaign was to shine light on amazing women of color in various fields & to further prove their existence in those spaces.

We did just that! It’s all thanks to you! Whether you liked, shared/ retweeted, commented, etc. #WCWinSTEM has been a hit because of you. YES YOU! You guys have truly been amazing this year!


More to Come

Can you say, “Can’t stop, won’t stop?” The #WCWinSTEM campaign WILL be back next year with more features.

Although we’re on hiatus for the rest of the year, we still welcome nominations for #WOCinSTEM from various STEM fields to be featured in 2017. (And if you’ve nominated someone, but haven’t seen her featured yet, have no fear! All of our nominees are added to the list and WILL be featured at the most appropriate time.)

We’d love to hear your nominations for the young and upcoming #WOCinSTEM in your life, the more seasoned #WOCinSTEM who’s wowing you, and all the lovely folks in between! Send an email to: social@vanguardstem.com. We will send you further instructions and get the process going.

We are at the end of another year, and we have all managed to make it through in our individual #STEM spaces. “Mama, we made it!” We hope this campaign encouraged you all to network and reach out to other #WOCinSTEM. Many of you may have identified possible mentees or mentors. For some, these features served as light at the end of the tunnel: representation matters because seeing is believing.

Thank you again for your love and support. We hope that the #WCWinSTEM campaign has been a great treat for you all, as it has been for us. We did it!


Thank you all for what you do to contribute to the world of #STEM! 

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