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#WCWinSTEM: Shine Chang, PhD

#WCWinSTEM: Shine Chang, PhD


This week’s #WCWinSTEM is Dr. Shine Chang, a Cancer Epidemiologist at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

Shine Chang
, PhD, is a Cancer Epidemiologist currently serving as the Director of the University of Texas (UT) MD Anderson Cancer Center‘s Cancer Prevention Research Training Program (CPRTP). Dr. Chang is also a University of Texas Distinguished Teaching Professor in the Department of Epidemiology.  

Dr. Chang, PI on four NIH R25 training and educational awards, coordinates a specialized curriculum in cancer prevention for the CPRTP. This multi-disciplinary program resides within the Division of Cancer Prevention and Population Sciences, has been continuously funded by NIH for more than two decades and annually supports more than 50 trainees. Dr. Chang notes, “I have considerable experience administering training programs; have trained many junior scientists in cancer prevention research; and have doctoral-level training in cancer epidemiology, with faculty and adjunct appointments at the UT Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences and School of Public Health, respectively.”  

In addition to leading the multidisciplinary CPRTP, Dr. Chang conducts research in two areas:

  • Workforce diversity and leadership in cancer prevention and academic medicine.
  • Bio-behavioral epidemiology of obesity (which is a risk factor for cancer).

Dr. Chang has a proven track record of creating innovative career development programs for junior scientists and has taught annually since 2005 for the Association of American Medical Colleges’ Women in Medicine Program on grantsmanship, scientific writing, research mentoring, and mostly recently on burnout prevention and resilience.

She co-leads NIH R01-funded research on factors related to mentoring and scientific communication skill development that influence the retention of junior scientists in research careers. Dr. Chang has also led efforts to evaluate the impact of intensive career development programs on the career trajectories of women faculty in academic health science centers.  

Dr. Chang received her undergraduate BS degree in biology from Brown University and her doctorate in epidemiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

This is a very abridged version of Dr. Chang’s biography, and #VanguardSTEM encourages you to click through the links to learn more about this incredible #WoCinSTEM.

Thank you, Dr. Chang, for your service and dedication to STEM!

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