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WATCH NOW: Speaking Truth (& STEM!) to Power with Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (S4 E1)


by the VanguardSTEM team

Season premieres are always magical around these #VanguardSTEM parts, but we were elated to welcome Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein to our show to open season 4(!!!).

Chanda brings such wisdom, grace and courage that there is no one better to speak truth (& STEM!) to power!

As a theoretical cosmologist, Chanda thinks about the Universe fractions of a second after it was formed and as an eminent thinker and cultural critic, she regularly corrects and creates language that helps us understand the philosophy of science and it’s relationship to a more just STEM enterprise better. Don’t believe us? Watch her here, peep the quotes and check out all the awesome links (bel0w) she mentioned while on the show. Too much goodness to miss!

Quotes to live by:

(quoting Chanda, unless otherwise noted)

On self-preservation:

I don’t want to be against academia or the idea of ideas and knowledge production but I don’t want to be invested in a knowledge production that dehumanizes me.

On being herself:

You can’t be a physicist OR a black woman, you are both in this experience.

On different kinds of activism:

It takes courage to be in the classroom.We learn to be brave inside of the classroom and that teaches how to be brave outside of the classroom.


Your activism is being in places where you are not supposed to be.


Sometimes your activism is doing your intro mechanics, electromagnetism, whatever, waves problem set.


Affirming one’s own right to be on the planet is an act of resistance. (Jedidah)


I think what people need to be thinking about is how can I strike a blow against an administration that doesn’t want me to exist? How can I exist in opposition?

On what undergrads can do to change their institutions:

Undergraduates often have power that they don’t realize they have. [They] should feel entitled to make demands of their universities and their institutions.


Figuring out what you can do is a better mindset than what you can’t do (and think about it together).

Links from the show:

The Worst of White Folks (Laymon; Gawker)

Scientists Against a Fascist Establishment (Prescod-Weinstein, Tuttle and Osmundson; The Establishment)

SAFE Actions (Prescod-Weinstein; Medium)

Decolonising STEM Reading List (Prescod-Weinstein; Medium)

The Offing Literary Magazine


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