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WATCH NOW: Minding our Mental Health with Drs. Ama Arthur Rowe and Silvia Mazzula (S4 E4)


by the #VanguardSTEM team

May is mental health awareness month and a good time to take stock of the attention you’re paying (or not) to yourself. No matter where you are in your #STEM journey, your mental health is of utmost importance. Our main goal for this advice-driven and practical show wass to normalize good health practices, introduce you to women of color who are also mental health specialists and practitioners, answer your questions and activate the tremendous wisdom of the #VSVillage. Drs. Ama Arthur Rowe and Silvia Mazzula bring ALL the truth during this information-packed episode. 

Quotes to Live By:

For a full rundown, definitely check out our storify of the #VSMindMatters episode here.

On the role of mental health care in your life:

“Just like you go to the doctor for regular checkups, visits to a mental health practitioner should also be a part of holistic health care.”

Dr. Ama Arthur Rowe

On asking for help:

“We have to talk about these things because it’s important [for women of color] to know that it’s ok to ask for help because we all struggle.” 

Dr. Silvia Mazzula

On looking for a mental health practitioner that shares your identity:

“If a mental health practitioner gets upset when you ask about issues of identity, they aren’t the right provider for you. Keep looking until you find someone who fits what you’re looking for.”

Dr. Ama Arthur Rowe

On entering the research side of clinical psychology:

“I realized that a lot of the issues and concerns that I was seeing on the clinical side of pyschology in the communities of color were not in the textbooks. I wanted to contribute to the knowledge of what these communities were facing.”

Dr. Silvia Mazzula



Links from the show:

Psychology Today has a prominent search tool to find a therapist on their website.

BlackDoctor.org has listings of mental health practitioners.

Dr. Silvia Mazzula’s research can be found here.

Articles that Dr. Jedidah Isler quoted: Teen Vogue on the significant increase in cases of depression as reported by the World Health Organization and the Science article about the state of mental health among PhD students.



Don’t forget that we had a guest contributed piece by Dr. Nicole Cabrera Salazar, about her mental health journey and things she learned along the way.

Do you have a story you want to tell about mental health or questions you still need answers? Email us as hello[at]vanguardstem[dot]com and we’ll do whatever we can to help!


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