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WATCH NOW: It’s About WHO You Know: Conferences 101 (S3_E2)


Did you know that there are identity-focused professional STEM societies that have conferences every year you can attend?

In almost every field imaginable, there are people of color who have formed organizations that celebrate not only their shared STEM interests, but also their often overlapping identities. This is incredibly important if you’ve ever felt alone while pursuing your STEM interests. As a result, we wanted to highlight two such organizations, who happen to be headed by women of color, as a pathway into these communities. As we discussed in our recent post, Dr. Antonia Franco (Executive Director of SACNAS) and Talitha Hampton (President of NOBCChE), joined us for a wide-ranging conversation about their organizations, attending conferences, finding funding to attend and the tremendous value of skill-building and professional development that takes place every year at their annual gathering.

Now you can watch the full episode here!

We’ve added closed captioning to make the content as accessible as possible to our viewing audience. Many great gems in this episode, but a few particularly salient points that were raised were (with approximate times where they occur in the show):

  • How central to their core missions reaching back to help mentor is to these organizations (10:30)
  • How to present at a professional conference (17:20)
  • How Talitha Hampton feels like she owes her training to attending NOBCChE as a new chemical engineer (30:50)
  • How to avoid a sense of overwhelm while attending a conference (44:07)
  • How introverts can expand their network by talking to the person sitting (or standing) right next to them (50:16)
  • Advice for mid-career and senior women of color in STEM (53:44)

So much information packed into this hour, do tune in to hear all of the tips, tricks, advice and encouragement from our wonderful panelists.

Stay tuned during the month of September as we continue to talk Conferences 101 here at #VanguardSTEM.

Have conferences that you stand for? Let us know in the comments below.

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