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VanguardSTEM Book Club Week 3 Challenge

VanguardSTEM Book Club Week 3 Challenge


Happy Wednesday, everyone! We hope you have had a fantastic week so far. We always LOVE Wednesdays around here because they mean we’re celebrating a #WoC (woman of color) who is (or was) a trailblazer in #STEM. But we’re loving Wednesday especially this week because it’s a double whammy of sorts—we have our staple #WCWinSTEM **plus** the latest #VanguardSTEM Hidden Figures Book Club challenge!


#VSdoesHF Week 3 Challenge

Hidden Figures has been a fantastic read so far, and we hope you’ve been loving it as much as we have! This week’s grand prize challenge is based around chapters 15 – 23. Last week we read chapters 8 – 14 and talked about some of the overarching themes of those chapters. Namely, the racial aggression that Dorothy, Mary and Katherine faced and how they individually handled it.

This week, we’re reading chapters 15 – 23. Of all the gorgeous themes across this segment, one that really resonated with us was the overlap between technical ability and resilience. One is often a vehicle for the other, especially when we’re drained and facing a gauntlet of challenges at every turn. The women of Hidden Figures employed both at different times and in different measures to affect the world in the tremendous ways that they did. Do technical ability and resilience overlap in your #STEM life?

Here’s the full list of action items that must be completed by Friday, December 2, 2016 at midnight ET:

  • Post a pic on IG of the FIRST person you would tell if you won the grand prize trip to NYC! Tag #VanguardSTEM #VSdoesHF and #HiddenFigures.
  • Tweet about the most resilient and technically saavy #WoCinSTEM you know. What about her makes you admire her work and courage? Tag #VanguardSTEM #VSdoesHF and #HiddenFigures.
  • Read chapters 15 – 23 of Hidden Figures.
  • Answer the following question on your own in the fb group or via twitter by Friday, December 2:
    • To what extent did Katherine Johnson actually help get humans into space? Please describe her contributions to the apollo program and the role Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) played in that contribution. Do HBCUs have this same level of influence now?

Hold up—why the early deadline on Friday and not our normal Sunday??

Because we’re announcing the winner of the #VSBookClub challenge on Sunday, Dec. 4!!

That’s right! So get your responses in so that you can remain in the running for the grand prize for the contest, which is a trip to NYC (hotel and $$ toward airfare included) to see a pre-screening of Hidden Figures and attend a post-show panel with Margot Lee Shetterly!! You don’t want to miss this opportunity!

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