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I didn’t Choose the STEM life — the STEM Life Chose Me: How I Fell into Being a Cosmetic Chemist

“I couldn’t get away from the idea that being a scientist was an actual thing.” ~ Jasmine Johnson By Jasmine Johnson Remember why you started. Often times when you’re enduring a journey that seems tough, remember why you started is the mantra that comes to mind. At this point in my journey, remembering why I started isn’t important […]

STEM in the White House: How the United State of Women Summit Reminded Us of the Importance of Confidence and Representation

” At the rate that we’re going, we will be on Mars before 50 percent of girls in high school are in AP computer science courses.” ~ Dava Newman By Jasmine Johnson The White House hosted its inaugural Women Summit: The United State of Women in Washington D.C with more than 5,000 in attendance. This event […]