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VanguardSTEM is looking for summer fellows!

VanguardSTEM is looking for summer fellows!


Vanguard: Conversations with Women of Color in STEM (or #VanguardSTEM, for short) is a live, monthly show designed to bring together emerging and established women of color in STEM for advice, encouragement, support and community.


We’re looking for a select group of energetic and engaged individuals to help build the #VanguardSTEM community and reach new audiences. This opportunity is open to anyone interested in learning about and gaining experience in digital marketing, broadcasting, content development and, most importantly, movement building. We particularly encourage applications from women of color in STEM at the undergraduate level or above.

This is a virtual fellowship, so there is no location requirement to participate, but fellows must complete a video interview for full consideration.

#VanguardSTEM fellows will receive many benefits by participating, some of which include:

  • Contribution to the development of an emerging movement of WoC in STEM and social media-powered public platform
  • Hands-on experience with digital production and promotion
  • Development of community around issues of particular relevance to WoC in STEM
  • Extended opportunities for engagement and mentoring with the #VanguardSTEM panelists and host
  • Opportunity to build strong relationships with other #VanguardSTEM fellows

Basic Eligibility Requirements:

  • Fellows must be at the undergraduate level or above. Current enrollment in an educational institution is not required, but applicants must be at the freshman level or above.
  • Fellows must be able to commit at least 10 hours per week to their assigned tasks during the entire internship between May and August.
  • Fellows must be able to complete their tasks virtually and attend weekly virtual group meetings and other #VanguardSTEM related events.
  • Fellows must be experienced with social media platforms (facebook, twitter, snapchat, periscope, etc.) and platform management tools (e.g. Hootsuite).
  • Fellows currently engaged in STEM disciplines are preferred, but such specialization is not required.
  • Fellows with video editing skills are encouraged.

Potential Positions:

  • Ambassador: Generate interest around the show on and offline, introduce the show to new audiences, coordinate watch parties, build relationships with like-minded organizations
  • Social Media Coordinator: Engage with and leverage social media platforms to both grow the VanguardSTEM audience and strengthen our relationships with our community
  • Writer/Editor: Brainstorm potential topics for upcoming shows, create and solicit blog posts for the website, maintain awareness of current events of interest to women of color in STEM
  • Talent Engagement: identify, contact and engage potential panelists, update and maintain current database of potential panelists, prepare panelists for their appearance on the show

To apply to be a #VanguardSTEM fellows, please send 1.) your resume/CV, which should state your major/degree obtained, current/former institution, job history and skills related to the positions as listed above; and 2.) a brief statement — one page or less — telling us:

  • why you want to work with #VanguardSTEM
  • what you hope to learn,
  • what you’d most like to accomplish (and in which role),
  • which episode of #VanguardSTEM has been your favorite and why

If applying for the writer role, please submit a 500-word writing sample on a topic related to WoC in STEM.

Application materials must be received by April 30, 2016.

Please send all application materials or related questions to hello@vanguardstem.com


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