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Our New Show is this week PLUS a Housewarming!

Our New Show is this week PLUS a Housewarming!


by Jedidah Isler, Ph.D.

#VanguardSTEM started with the simple mission to “encourage conversation between emerging and established women of color in STEM” by capitalizing on the prevalence of the internet to allow WOCinSTEM who may be—or feel—alone (or are small in number) at their own institutions to connect on a substantive level. That was the stated goal when we started with a google “Hangout on Air”, a laptop and a dream (as they say!). Through the last year, we’ve had the opportunity to speak with more than 30 women of color from all kinds of STEM disciplines about themselves, their work, their experience and their advice. Over that year, you all watched, engaged, live-tweeted, fb’d, told your friends and otherwise supported #VanguardSTEM in every way possible (and we are eternally grateful!!). You encouraged us as we grew from a show to a platform and from a one-woman labor of love into a team of women of color committed to the cause. Now we’re not only a monthly web-series but also a digital community and gathering place that regularly produces original content created and curated by women of color in STEM.

Now, we’ve gone through another phase of our evolution and we are intensifying your ability to join and now engage in the conversation with our perennially amazing panelists directly. We want to make sure you’re aware of this change in platform, because it will revolutionize your viewing and engagement experience.

Instead of just passively watching the show, you’ll now be able to be “in the room” with us as we engage with the panelists, so you can ask questions, talk to other viewers and otherwise participate in the conversation. We’re ecstatic to share this platform and its incredibly immersive experience with you! (Thanks to our partners at Shindig for the platform. :))

Sooo… when you show up *this* Tuesday, October 11 at 7pm ET, you’ll be coming to our housewarming party to celebrate our new digs! (Please do RSVP at this link.) As with all housewarming parties, we ask you to come with a gift, which we hope is a friend or two you think could benefit from being a part of the #VanguardSTEM community.


We’re going to have a blast, not just because of our new digital home (and the party!), but also because the topic we’re covering is going to be on point. We’re extending the conversation about conferences from WHO you know to WHAT you do when you get there. Our paneilsts, Drs. Yaihara Fortis-Santiago and Carmen Bolanos, are both pros at networking, professional development and otherwise optimizing the conference-going experience. We look forward to their advice and wisdom as we create another information packed resource for you as you head out to conferences either now or in the future. Here’s a quick bio of each of our panelists for your viewing pleasure…

fortis-santiago_branded Dr. Yaihara Fortis-Santiago has been featured as a #WCWinSTEM on #VanguardSTEM, but is also the Program Manager of the Science Alliance, which is a part of the New York Academy of Sciences. In her role she specifically focuses on professional development for budding scientists.  You can find her on twitter as @yfortiss.






Dr. Carmen Bolanos is a seasoned executive and leadership coach who focuses on underrepresented populations in academia. She brings a wealth of wisdom to all that it takes to bring your best self to any conference you attend.






We can’t wait to see you tomorrow for another episode (and our FIRST housewarming party!) of #VanguardSTEM. Together we’ll keep building the space, the community and the resources you need to succeed.


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