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Meeting Your Kindred at a Conference: #VanguardSTEM Vignette of Dr. Taeyjuana Curry


One of the most important parts of going to a conference is meeting people.

Being in the room can be the catalyst to building important relationships that can last a lifetime. Even as a longtime conference goer, I *LOVE* the opportunity to meet new people and especially relish chance encounters that birth long-standing connections. These connections are professionally important, but they often put you in conversation with others who understand what you’re going through, and that can be refreshing!

Such was the case when I met Dr. Taeyjuana Curry at #ThinkBigDiversity. I hadn’t ever met Taeyjuana and didn’t know she would be there, but we hit it off as soon as we met and it even gave me the idea to do a quick vignette so that you all could meet her too. She’s so bae and a PhD in Physics to boot! It was such a singular joy to giggle with her about being kindred Physics-sisters and knowing what all was necessary to bring that to fruition for us individually. While I’m happy to be on the receiving end of this particular encounter, I’m highlighting it to encourage you to reach out to people around you as you make your way through your conference.¬†We’ll, of course, see more of Dr. Curry across the #VanguardSTEM platform and hopefully on an upcoming show, but I’m personally so glad to have met her and can’t wait to continue getting to know her.

You can hear more about her in the video, but this seemed like a good opportunity to reinforce the importance of going to and engaging at conferences. All the more at identity-focused conferences where you may also share cultural touch points.

I went to get a water and on the way met a black woman nano-particle physicist who is trying to eradicate cancer.

Who might you meet if you just said hello to that person standing right over there…



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