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WATCH NOW: Minding our Mental Health with Drs. Ama Arthur Rowe and Silvia Mazzula (S4 E4)

by the #VanguardSTEM team May is mental health awareness month and a good time to take stock of the attention you’re paying (or not) to yourself. No matter where you are in your #STEM journey, your mental health is of utmost importance. Our main goal for this advice-driven and practical show wass to normalize good […]

Therapy Demystified: A Guide for Women of Color in STEM

by Nicole E. Cabrera Salazar, Ph.D. As a woman of color, it took me years to overcome the negative stigma our society has around counseling. I wish I could say it had occurred to me to seek help during times of extreme stress in undergrad, but it wasn’t until I was on the brink of […]

#WCWinSTEM: Raychelle Burks, Ph.D.

This week’s #WCWinSTEM is Dr. Raychelle Burks. She’s a self-described “analytical chemistry blackademic in the ivory tower and a class clown now in charge of a classroom.” As compiled by Chrystelle Vilfranc If you got to see our most recent #VanguardSTEM episode, then you saw Dr. Raychelle Burks in action. With a razor-sharp wit and […]

#WCWinSTEM: Heidi Stauffer, Ph.D.

as compiled by Chrystelle Vilfranc   I’m a mixed-race indigenous Southeast Asian third culture kid who is a geoscientist, climate scientist, writer, and science educator. – Dr. Heidi Stauffer   We’re so excited to feature Dr. Heidi Stauffer as this week’s #WCWinSTEM! We let Heidi take the lead and tell her own story this time […]

#WCWinSTEM: Dr. Keturah Odoi

This week’s #WCWinSTEM is Dr. Keturah Odoi, a chemist interested in understanding the epigenetic role of proteins in cancer development. As compiled by Chrystelle Vilfranc This interview has been edited for length and clarity. Tell us a little bit about yourself: I was born in Ghana, West Africa and moved to Oklahoma when I was […]

WATCH NOW: Speaking Truth (& STEM!) to Power with Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein (S4 E1)

by the VanguardSTEM team Season premieres are always magical around these #VanguardSTEM parts, but we were elated to welcome Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein to our show to open season 4(!!!). Chanda brings such wisdom, grace and courage that there is no one better to speak truth (& STEM!) to power! As a theoretical cosmologist, Chanda thinks […]

A March For Our Future: A Reflection on the Women’s March

by Haley Carolyn Taylor Schlitz As a 14 year old girl, mass marches and protest are often something my friends and I can only truly relate to in our history courses.  Over the past 8 years we have had the luxury to live at a time where the Presidency of Barack Obama meant that we […]

WATCH NOW: Hidden Figures, Major Milestones with Margot Lee Shetterly (S3_E4)

by the VanguardSTEM team   Hidden Figures is the true story of three black women mathematicians in the 1960s who were integral in helping the U.S. get to space.   For our #VanguardSTEM season finale, we sat down with the book’s (now turned movie!) author, Margot Lee Shetterly, to hear more about these women, but […]

VanguardSTEM Book Club Week 3 Challenge

Happy Wednesday, everyone! We hope you have had a fantastic week so far. We always LOVE Wednesdays around here because they mean we’re celebrating a #WoC (woman of color) who is (or was) a trailblazer in #STEM. But we’re loving Wednesday especially this week because it’s a double whammy of sorts—we have our staple #WCWinSTEM **plus** […]

VanguardSTEM Book Club Week 2 Challenge

“Negotiating racial boundaries was a daily fact of Negro life. Mary [Jackson] wasn’t naive about the segregation at Langley — it was no different than anywhere in town. … It was the proximity to professional equality that gave the slight such a surprising and enduring sting.”   These are the words of Margot Lee Shetterly […]