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WOCinSTEM: Who We Are, What We Do and How We Do It

Six themes that affect the lives and careers of Women of Color in STEM By Mallory Molina Over the course of the summer, we have met women of color in science, technology, engineering and math (WOC in STEM) fields at various stages in their careers. We have talked about the struggle of burnout, the strength […]

#BBBinSTEM: Own Your Awesome!

“I wear my identity as a Puerto Rican, Spanish-speaking Latinx woman in STEM like a badge of honor.”   ~ Dr. Mónica Feliú-Mójer By Mallory Molina Don’t shy away from your identity and truth. We’ve made it to the last week of reflections on the bravery, burnout, and being a WOC in STEM show with Dr. […]

#BBBinSTEM: Building Community and Support Systems to Combat Burnout

“You won’t always feel strong, but keep going. The day will come when you will have undeniable evidence of your strength.”   ~ Dr. Stephani Page   By Mallory Molina Welcome to week two of reflections on the  bravery, burnout and being a WOC in STEM show with Dr. Shine Chang! Our first week featured Amber Lenon, […]

#BBBinSTEM: From “Odd Woman Out” to “In the Spotlight”

“It might be hard to admit you need help from someone, but it can help make a huge difference in how you handle burnout.” ~ Amber Lenon By Mallory Molina Last week, Dr. Shine Chang joined us on our episode of #VanguardSTEM, which focused explored the theme Burnout, Bravery and Being a Woman of Color […]

Persisting in the Face of Academic Challenges

“That was my reality. I realized it might take me longer to dothan some others, but since it was important to me, I knew I would have to work to get what I wanted.” ~ Alaina Bonilla, CUNY astronomy and anthropology student   By Mallory Molina Sometimes a challenge can seem so insurmountable we will […]

Striking Balance: Health, Family, Career and Happiness

“The difference between those who survive and those who don’t isn’t merely skill—the difference is what happens when failure comes around.”  ~ Maribel Campos-Rivera, MD Learning to balance health, family, career and your happiness is the hardest and most rewarding lesson to learn. By Mallory Molina Previously in this article series, I discussed how mentoring […]

Family Wishes Vs. Career Moves: Pressure from your family should not change your final career goals.

“Work with the situation you are given; never give up; and know who you are and what you want.”  ~ Pamela Padilla, PhD   By Mallory Molina Unique cultures; unique pressures. The amount of pressure one might feel from their family varies from culture to culture, and can be difficult to wrap your head around. […]

Mentoring Women of Color in STEM: Your Dreams are Valid, and Mentors Should Help You Achieve Them

“She wants to be a reminder to students that their dreams are valid, and that no one, especially advisors, are allowed to invalidate those dreams.” ~ Melanie McReynolds, as told by Mallory Molina   By Mallory Molina There is a saying that is passed around prospective and current graduate students: “Your relationship with your advisor […]

Combatting STEM Isolation: Finding Community in Our Individual Voices

By Mallory Molina As scientists, most of us think in terms of numbers, statistics and hard facts. They are the foundation upon which we build our claims and our understanding of the scientific fields we pursue. While this is good in science, this thought process can bleed into other areas of our lives and paint […]

STEM Perseverance: How My Support System Saved Me

By Mallory Molina There are many demands to perform well in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, but it can be hard to deliver when you feel isolated. I have experienced this many times in my career so far, and so I want to address this issue by looking at my own experiences. Exploring […]