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A New Platform for the #VanguardSTEM Web Series

A New Platform for the #VanguardSTEM Web Series


Hey hey, #VanguardSTEM fam! We are SOOO excited for our show this coming Tuesday, October 8, 2016 at 7pm ET (RSVP here). We’re talking about WHAT you should know, in terms of conference strategy, with Drs. Carmen Bolanos and Yaihara Fortis-Santiago. We can’t wait to pick their brain about how to network, build an efficient conference strategy, manage anxiety and otherwise present your best self at a conference. Be sure to join us for another information packed episode!

However…please note that as of this month we have a…



(Read on because it will significantly change the way you engage the show…)


We’re constantly trying to improve the #VanguardSTEM experience, and that includes your ability to engage with us during the show. We’ve enjoyed the opportunity to read your questions from social media, and encourage you to continue to gather there and live tweet (for example), but now you can actually *join in* on the conversation! What this means for you is that not only will you be able to see us, but we will be able to see you, too (if you want)! Every person will have the option to be “in the room” and ask questions in real-time of our guests and of each other. It will look something like this, but with our squad:

This amazing capability is brought to you by our fantastic new partners at Shindig, who provide this online, interactive video platform. If you want to see video examples, go here.

RSVP here!!

We’ll be back on Monday to talk more about this episode and what we hope you’ll get from it. In the meantime, tell ALL yo franz about it and come hang out with us on Tuesday night (ET).

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